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Great American Beer Festival: Take 2.

October 20, 2012


The ABC crew with Brewers Association president Charlie Papazian (center)


We’ve done it again.

American Brewing Company won the bronze at this year’s Great American Beer Festival – this time, for the Baltic-style Polska Porter. Bronze might sound like third place, but in competition with upwards of 4,300 beers in 83 categories, it feels just like gold.

Brewers Skip Madsen and Dan Payson, along with Mike Ryman and ABC tasting room manager Janna Taylor, accepted the award on the grandstand stage of the GABF, held at the Colorado Convention Center.

“It was an epic moment,” said Payson. “It says that we put a lot of care into what we brew.”

Epic is a fitting word for the event, the largest commercial beer festival in the world. 666 breweries were represented at this year’s gathering, held every October in Denver. GABF is Mecca to beer pilgrims nationwide, brewers and drinkers alike.

For Madsen, this is not his first trip – or his first win. Last year’s GABF ended with a Bronze for ABC’s Brave American Brown, and previous years the master brewer — entered either solo or with other breweries – came home with bronze, silver, and gold across myriad categories.

However, the repeat experience has not put a damper on his excitement.

“I was stoked!” said Madsen. “I thought the Baltic was going to win. And it did.”

Awards, recognition, and growth are a boon to any new microbrewery, but such a rapid rise can compromise quality. Not true of ABC, says Payson: “We’re getting a lot of demand and production keeps increasing, but we continue to take the time to taste the beers at all stages and make sure it’s ready to be sent out for distribution.” Although laborious to do so, the ABC brewing team keeps quality as its first priority.

The award-winning brew is sold exclusively in our tasting room, and it’s limited – come in for a pint before it’s gone!

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