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Great News for Washington BEER LOVERS!

December 20, 2011

We CAN ship our beer within the state of Washington!

Yesterday, we posted about our new venture with Beerjobber, an on-line marketplace for craft beer sales.

We gave you a rudimentary explanation about the ins-and-outs of shipping beer (it was a good time to take a quick nap).

We stated that our beer, ordered via Beerjobber, could not be shipped within the state of Washington (…wrong, wrong, wrong!)

That was not correct.  It seems that, because Beerjobber has a retail license in the state of Washington, they can ship intrastate. Again, we could bog down our blog (?) with all of the details, but…

All you want to know is, HOW DO I ORDER?

You can order Breakaway IPA, Caboose Oatmeal Stout or American Blonde in cases of twelve 22 oz bottles.  If you can’t decide…you can order a mixed case where you will get four of each style!


  • Do you want to send a gift to someone who loves beer?
  • Do you know someone who had our beer while in the area, but now lives too far away to stop by?
  • Have you told your friends about our awesome beer and want to prove it to them?
  • Are you worried that too many people will order our beer so you want to stockpile some for yourself???

Help us spread the word…er, beer!

Go to the Beerjobber website and start shopping!


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