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Winter Beer Fest

November 29, 2011

Winter Beer Fest
Hales Palladium
4301 Leary Way NW
Seattle, WA

Friday, December 2 from 5-9 PM
Saturday, December 3 from Noon-9 PM

We have two excellent beers that we will be pouring this weekend…

The Winter Classic – a Strong Ale that we just released last week.  It’s extemely smooth and the eight specialty malts contribute to its full-bodied sweetness.  Great Piney flavors and aroma from the hops balances out the sweetness and chocolate malt flavors.  A longer aging process contributes to its deep richness.   8.2% ABV and 80 IBU

We put this beer on tap last Wednesday at 5:00 and went through one keg in 3 hours!  It’s simply fantastic.

The Brave American ‘SOUR’ Brown Ale – Oh boy…Skip has concocted an exceptional sour beer that is wood barrel aged.  A Double Flanders Sour Ale aged in a used, Oak Cabernet Franc barrel….Yes, Virginia…there is a Santa Claus (but his real  name is Skip Madsen)!  8.5% ABV

This is a one-off and only available at the festival.  Is that enough incentive to get you to attend?

In any case, this weekend’s event is known in the craft beer community as the best place to go to sample some of the finest offerings of Winter Seasonals by area breweries.  You will find plenty of new creations as well as some of your standby favorites from over 30 local breweries.

So, enjoy the holiday decorations (some of the breweries get pretty elaborate), sample some exceptional beer, and welcome the holiday season in style!


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