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Picture tells it all!

August 29, 2011

The Beresford Siblings took over the tasting room on Saturday, August 27th and for 3 hours they were in control of the flow of beer.

The showdown begins - who will be the winner?

They were competing for tips as a fund raising venture for the SnoKing Youth Club.  The person who received the most tips was the “winner” and thereby was going to select a picture from the “loser’s” past which was to be posted on as well as American Brewing Company’s website and blog.  Pretty good motivation, right?  Would you want your 8th grade picture out there on the internet?

This picture was titled "Harry...loser"!

I guess you can see the results for yourself.  We have to say, Harry spent a bit of time on the phone, and changing the channel for the Seahawk’s game, and eating the delicious food being offered by Celtic Cowboy BBQ while Susie was working the crowd serving beer and waiting tables.

We really knew Harry was sunk when Susie pulled out a $100 dollar bill from her tip jar! WOW, someone REALLY wanted Susie to win (Harry, you should be concerned about this)!

The night resulted in the following totals:

Susie’s Tips: $306.50

Harry’s Tips: $133.69

Raffle Ticket Sales:  $130.00

Total Raised for SnoKing Youth Club: $570.19

We want to thank everyone who showed up and made the evening so much fun.  We especially want to thank Susie and Harry for being such gracious contestants and allowing everyone to poke fun at them.

Someone really wanted Susie to win....$100 donation!

Oh Harry....$1 tip?

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