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Hop, Skip, and Go Natural

April 25, 2011

Handing off the first pint of Hop, Skip & Go NaturalWinner!  We have a Winner!  Wait, you don’t know what we are talking about?  Don’t you follow us on Facebook and Twitter? (hmm)…okay, so here is the story.

We were selected to participate in this year’s North American Organic Brewers Festival taking place June 24-26th in Portland, Oregon.  Great News!  Skip knew immediately that he wanted to brew an organic American Pale Ale.  He created his recipe and got to brewing.  Based on the ingredients he used, this beer turned out to be 99.2% organic!

Now for the hard part…what to name it?  None of us at the American Brewing Company were able to come up with something that seemed to fit.  We knew we wanted a name that gave just the right nod to the Organic ingredients, but also with a bit of humor as well.  Stumped!

So, we put it out to our Facebook and Twitter friends and asked THEM for suggestions.  Boy, did they have some great ones! We made it into a contest with the winner being chosen by Skip.  Over 50 entries were submitted.  We laughed (and groaned) at several of them.  A few had us scratching our heads…really?  But in the end, one in particular made us laugh, hinted at the organic theme and made us all wonder WHY?  Why didn’t we think of something like this ourselves?  Hop, Skip & Go Natural…fantastic!

The winning entry was submitted by Reid Larson, from Edmonds, WA.  Reid lives close enough that he came on down as soon as we notified him that he won!  He met with Skip and we made

Reid taking the first sip!

arrangements for him to come back on the big RELEASE DATE.  He will have the honors of drinking the first pour off the tap.

Come on down to our tasting room and be one of the first (behind Reid, of course) to try out Skip’s newest creation!

*The pictures were added the day of the release, Wednesday April 27th at 3:00.  Thanks to everyone for joining in on the fun.  Watch for future ways to become involved in “Your”  American Brewing Company!


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  1. Michael permalink
    April 29, 2011 9:09 pm

    Congratulations to the winner and sorry I did miss the event. But I did want to leave my kudos to Edmonds first microbrewery what a whistle stop of a place! My daily commute ends at Edmonds Station and it cannot get any better on a Friday to unwind with a pint and conversations and well wetting my whistle.
    The tasting room staff were friendly knowledgeable about the beers on tap and used excellent flavor descriptors on the taste of all your beers. Yes I sampled them all a set of well balance beers of malt and hops. Being an avid home brewer a number of years I was even taken on a one on one tour of the brewing area a bit of icing on the cake for me in my home town.
    I also offer up a bit of a challenge that is unofficial. While there I notice one of the tasting room servers was given a dollar origami dollar tip promptly put on display on top of a tap top and that suggest it might be an ongoing thing by locals to see who can fold and leave the most decorative origami dollar bill for the tap room staff to display?

  2. April 30, 2011 12:41 am


    Great to meet you tonight and looking forward to your next visit. Origami tips? I think Janna will thoroughly enjoy this challenge!

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