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Who are the PFJ’s?

April 5, 2011

What better way to toast a special occasion than with a beer?

We’ve had people come to our tasting room in order to celebrate a specific milestone such as a birthday or anniversary.  We’ve also welcomed those who just needed to  let off steam at the end of the week.   There were even a few days when we rolled up the bay doors and reveled in the appearance of that bright orb in the sky (now there’s a reason to celebrate with a beer)!

What we had never heard of though, was a group who celebrated with beer and called themselves the PFJ’s.  This is a group of men who meet once a week at various beer establishments and raise a glass together.  This long standing tradition has weathered many of life’s ups and downs and we were honored that they recently chose our establishment as a gathering place.

What does PFJ stand for?  Well, we’ll leave that one for you to ponder.   If you think you know, just leave us a comment.

All we can say is AMEN and Cheers!



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  1. Gary Epps permalink
    April 11, 2011 2:35 pm

    Julie, you are so great. I really love it that included PJF in the blog. The brewery really does have wonderful beer available.

    AMEN and Cheers!


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