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Shamrocks to Brewery Rocks!

March 15, 2011

This week in March will be a great time to celebrate!

Spring is just around the wet and soggy corner and daylight savings time has begun.  And whether you are Irish, or just feel “Irish”, this Thursday is an appropriate day to add a bit of lilt to your speech and don something green to wear and possibly (ahem…probably) imbibe in a bit of green as well!

We’ve given you the “Yellow Foam Road” to follow to our obscure “front door”, but if we could we’d add a bit of shamrock to it as well.  Looks good doesn’t it?

Come and join us this Thursday from 3-9 for a fun evening.  We can’t promise a pot of gold, or that you’ll get kissed because your Irish (maybe you’ll just get kissed?) but we do promise to make you feel welcome and serve you some excellent beer.

As for the Brewery Rocks, don’t.  Really…DON’T, miss out on this Saturday’s live performance by Steve Stefanowicz.  We can’t sing his praises enough and shouldn’t even try because quite honestly, our voices just don’t compare to his.  He will play from 6-9 and we recommend you arrive early.  Visit our website for more information about Steve, or better yet…just make arrangements for you and your friends to meet up at the brewery and enjoy the show.


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