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First Kegs Delivered

March 8, 2011

First Kegs Delivered



Today was the day we’ve been waiting for!  Our first kegs were loaded for delivery.  In order to mark this as a memorable day, we had to do something special.  Since Skip owns an old restored European Firetruck (cause… who doesn’t?), we decided that would be just the right touch for this special occasion.

A keg of the American Blonde and Breakaway IPA were loaded and driven to The Pub at Piper’s Creek. They are now on tap and ready for you to order. The next two deliveries were to Naked City Brewery and Bison Creek Pizza.

Although these were the first kegs we delivered, they are not the first kegs on tap.  On our opening day, kegs were bought by the Bayou Oyster BarCopper  Hog and the Green Frog Cafe. All from the City of Bellingham and big fans of Skip and his beer.  He is still loved and missed by beer enthusiasts up north.

Look for our beer to be showing up at numerous venues around the Seattle area and be sure to ask for us at your favorite hang out.


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