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Opened in Grand Style!

February 28, 2011

Owner, Neil Fallon, mingling with our guests

The day finally arrived and it was cold and snowy.  Probably a good day to stay home, warm and dry.  That’s what most people would do. Appetizer  orders were trimmed down in anticipation of a lower turnout.  Heaters were rented the day before because of the weather forecast.  However, we are talking about beer enthusiasts here and though our hours were posted as starting at noon, we had several people sitting at our bar being served beer by 11:30 am.  And then the crowds arrived, and arrived, and just kept on arriving.  For most of the day we had 4 people serving behind the bar and one permanent dish washer going and we still couldn’t keep up.

There was a continuous crowd lined up at the bar, all tables were full, and Skip and Neil were busy guiding guests through the brewery for an up-close look.

Janna, Julie and Mark busy behind the bar

At 2:00 Steve Stefanowicz began playing.  If  you have ever had the pleasure of listening to Steve, you will understand our gratitude to him for working us into his schedule.  His song selection is terrific and you could see people around the room singing along .  We plan on scheduling Steve to perform in the tasting room on a regular basis, so if you’d like to be kept informed about his next session, or any other event at the brewery, go to our website and join as an email subscriber.

Steve Stefanowicz

The atmosphere quickly turned into one of a great celebration.  We think everyone who walked in was pleasantly surprised by what they found.  We welcomed the chaos and were so honored to have such a fantastic turn out.  We knew we could count on family and friends joining us, but wow, even they could barely find a place to stand!  The business community of Edmonds, craft beer enthusiasts, Facebook and Twitter friends, and just people passing by wondering “what is going on in Harbor Square today?” joined us.

Not only were we celebrating our Grand Opening, but we were also a part of the Washington Beer Commission’s 1st Annual Open House 2011 event.  And if that wasn’t enough, our neighbors and comrades in beer, Gallagher’s Where U Brew, were having their Mug Appreciation night.  Guests from both events were co-mingling within our little “beer district” and the synergy was electric.

Skip, in his element!

We were thankful that most people were understanding and patient.  We definitely had some kinks to work out.  Lots of little things that, individually and with a little time, were easy enough to take care of.  But…when you don’t have time to stop and things aren’t going as well as they should (hello cash register), it could have been easy for our guests to get impatient.   Thank goodness everyone realized how overwhelmed we were and actually, seemed impressed that we were able to keep the beer flowing with minimal interruption.

We couldn’t have made it through the day without several of our best friends stepping up to help out.  Special thanks to Beth, Mary, and especially, Mike, who has been helping behind the scenes for weeks leading up to the open house.  He’s an enthusiastic helper who keeps us smiling with his upbeat attitude and willingness to do any job, even the  unpleasant ones, and there are plenty of those around a brewery!

Mike in action.

It took us a bit to get a rhythm going behind the bar and it was because of Mike that we were able to start working more efficiently.  He stepped up to the sink and began washing glassware at a record pace. At one point we were going  through them faster than we could wash them  (216 in stock and all in use)!

Several of our newly printed t-shirts were sold as well as growlers.  We even had several new members join our “Mug Club”.  It seemed that everyone attending was excited about becoming a part of the American Brewing Nation!

We were also pleased by the generosity and helpfulness of several businesses around Edmonds. A special thank you goes to The Resident Cheese Monger, PCC and Best Western of Edmonds.

It was finally 11:00 at night when the last guests departed, 11 1/2 hours from their arrival time…whew!

After months of hard work, worry, frustrations, paperwork and sleepless nights…we are finally open for business.

Balloons and T-shirts added to the celebration

We want to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who helped, supported or attended our opening.  It was a phenomenal day and we are so proud to have shared it with all of you.


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  1. Louise permalink
    February 28, 2011 6:56 am

    What a great event. So excited for you & for us that you are open & Skip’s beer is again available.

    You mentioned Mug Club? Can we get some details?

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