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This is When the Fun Begins

February 18, 2011

Skip in the mill room

As you can see, brewing is a physical task.  You put in long days.  You get dirty and sweaty.  At the end of the day you ache and are bleary eyed…and then you get up and do it again.

But, oh the satisfaction of watching the appreciation in someone’s face when they get a taste.

We’ve had outstanding responses to our beer selections.  Ed’s Red  has been a crowd favorite and the American Blonde really does go down easy!  It’s going to be a great session beer.  The oatmeal stout, Breakaway Caboose, is too young to sample, but we can’t wait.  It looked dark and rich and smelled delicious. Then, of course, is the highlight of the brewery and Skip’s trademark…Breakaway IPA. You will be hard pressed to find a better IPA out there.

Neil adding ingredients

Now that all of the equipment is firing as it should and the kettles are full, we can’t help but wonder….what’s next Skip?

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