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Grand Opening

February 13, 2011

Can it be?  Do we dare hope?

This is a crucial week for us and if all goes well we will be opening our doors for business on Saturday, February 26th!

Our goal is to coincide with the Washington Beer Commission’s Open House 2011.  We will open our doors at noon and stay open until 8:00 pm (later if you insist)!  We’ve scheduled Steve Stefanowicz, Puget Sound area’s finest rock and blues guitarist to provide entertainment.  We will have appetizers and feature a selection of wine from Edmonds Winery and Sparkman Cellars. But the real treat will be…beer, blessed beer. The legendary Skip Madsen is thrilled to be back in his element, concocting new recipes as well as his trademark Breakaway IPA.

We’ve been delighted by the several visitors who’ve stopped by these past few weeks.  Drop ins by the Washington Beer Blog and Susie Beresford from Edmonds Komo have helped to stir up interest in our brewery.  We’ve also enjoyed those various beer enthusiasts who just couldn’t wait for a sneak peak inside.

Soon, oh so very soon, we will be welcoming one and all into our Breakaway Room and toasting the Beer Gods (and all other deity)!

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